The Collective i Leadership Program 

The Collective i Leadership Program is an exciting opportunity for young women coming to the end of their journey in high school who are trying to make decisions about their future.  This educational and inspiring program reminds students that in this age of socially conscious business, the emphasis is no longer on the 'i".  Rather, its about the Collective i and the wisdom that can be harvested from the entire team. 

Collective i interns, junior and senior high school girls, are given the opportunity to receive training that will support them as future leaders charged with creatively constructing profitable solutions while they provide meaningful and sustainable service to the global community.  Skills are developed in think tanks and weekend camps that target finding solutions to the planet’
s most pressing needs.  Students have the opportunity to meet and interview social entrepreneurs and corporations that give back to their communities and share their findings in a bi-weekly newsletter, Collective Mind Matters.  This emerging and technologically advanced group of dynamos easily connects with the faceless millions, understands the inequities and is anxious to even the playing field. 

In addition to telling the world about people and companies that are making a difference, they receive:

ü  Publication rights
Work experience
Recommendations for college applications
Help in writing their resume
A wider insight to the world and where they can make a difference

Kimberly C. (Senior)

"Becoming an intern for Women’s Global Fund and working on the Collective i program has been an absolutely incredible experience. I have gained so much knowledge and made amazing connections with the people I work with. It is one of my most valued and cherished experiences thus far."

 Karina A. (Senior)

"Collective i has opened my eyes to a world only vaguely talked about in school. For a person who wants to see and change the world, writing for Collective i has allowed me to really get a sense of the problems our world faces, and how every day companies are able to make a difference one step at a time through a business module that needs to be more widely spread. I can honestly say writing for CMM has changed who I am into a more knowledgeable, globally aware person with a higher intrigue to change the world."

 Ellie M. (Junior)

"When I first joined Collective i, I thought It would be a great opportunity, but I never expected it to have such a profound impact on my life. Through my internship and the guidance that Linda has given me, I feel that I am more prepared to take on new experiences and to put my best effort forward. This experience has not only taught me how to behave in a professional job, but also how to meet deadlines, communicate effectively with my superiors and it has given me a greater self-confidence as to what I hope to achieve in the future.  Overall it has been an amazing experience and one that has profoundly changed my life."

 Jennifer L: (Junior)

"Collective i has changed my life, from simply being a regular High School student into learning how to become a successful business women.  I was able to learn life long skills that I will use the rest of my life.  Being part of Collective i has taught me about social entrepreneurship and I get to see people who are changing the world, maybe one shirt at a time."

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