Linda Lattimore is available to give talks or create workshops for  your organization or company. If you would like to schedule her as a speaker or to help you set up a compelling corporate social responsibility initiative.  Please contact her today.

Sample Workshops

Defining the Brand called “You” -  Presenting yourself to the world with intention

The world has an opinion about everyone and everything, it’s a normal part of life. To ensure that you create a lasting and positive impression as you interact with others, how do you influence others to recognize the greatness within you? Just like successful companies’ do, by strengthening and living your "brand."  In this workshop, you will uncover the special qualities and skills that make you memorable to others and define your unique personal brand, one that is authentic, believable and genuine.  And, you will learn how to “live your brand” every day, creating positive and lasting impressions.  Don’t miss this very special opportunity to reassess, redefine and reestablish “Brand YOU.”

Paving the Way for Gens Y and Z - Attracting, Retaining and Inspiring Talent in a New World

By 2020 Gen Y (The “Millenials”) will comprise over 50% of our workforce and Z will be following closely behind. Are you prepared to attract and retain these young workers in your company given the competition for talent in the marketplace? How will you foster a culture attractive to them? Do you have the technology that will appeal to them? Does your “employer brand” show that you are community driven and socially conscious, a key to their interest in you? This is a new time, a new era. The strength of your employee pool and the success of your business will require your investment, your ability to be visionaries and creative. Don’t let the talent train leave without you.

Is CSR the CPR your Business Needs?  Profit + Purpose = The "New Normal"

Consumers are changing their purchasing pattern. Faced with corporate disarray, a government they no longer have confidence in and an economic downturn, ordinary citizens are demanding transparency, honesty and accountability. Thanks to the web, price is becoming less of an object so consumers are opting to do business with companies that they admire and trust.
87% of today’s global citizens believe business should place at least equal weight on business and society. They believe in their own responsibility to effect change through their purchases and take part in activities that address societal needs as advocates for change. They expect their service and product providers to be their teammates.

  • Do you have a value(s) driven business as opposed to a value driven business?
  • Is your "cause marketing campaign viewed as selfish giving or authentic?
  • Do you have a brand philanthropy that is consumer led?
  • Are you ready for the next generation of Millennials who are choosing to work with companies investing in their communities, employees and environment as the Baby Boomers exit the workforce in droves?

Social Responsibility Indexes show that impact investors want to invest in companies that care about all of their stakeholders and that companies that do, outperform the others.

Sustainable” Leadership™ – the Final Chapter

On the heels of corporate corruption, economic crisis and public distrust, a citizen sector of investors, activists, CEOs and consumers has stepped up to retool business within a model where money and morals thrive side by side. This new wave understands that the needs of the present must be met without compromising the needs of the future through practices that are responsible and indefinite. Every decision you make as a leader has a ripple effect to the entire ecosystem of your company from investors to employees, suppliers, customers and communities. Consistently, companies with a high social responsibility index outperform others by attracting top talent and consumers who value positive community impact. Can you listen to the collective wisdom of your team? Can you create a workspace of dedication and abundance for all that will continue long after you are gone? Are your social responsibility programs aligned with your company’s core values and missions? Do you walk the talk? This seminar is interactive with audience participation.

Microfinance - What is the future for this and other social businesses?

Over 3 billion people on the planet live on less than $2/day.  Many have no electricity or running water and no viable source of income.  They are not credit worthy and historically have had no access to capital.  The buzz word for eradicating global poverty has become Microfinance.  Its impact is great and far reaching to the loan recipients who are primarily women.  Their children are going to school, their husbands’ respect has increased and they are slowly pulling themselves off of the very lowest rung of the pyramid. Microfinance was the first of the new paradigm of social business.  What are some of its greatest achievements and lessons learned that we can carry forward as business understands its place in the world of social responsibility?


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