Linda's Journal,
Global Immersion Trip, Tanzania

Day 7: Bukoba 7/7/09

Awoke at 4am with my new "friend" the rooster who did not stop from then on. Staring at the "shower," it’s really more of a faucet over the floor. Since I had little hot water in Zanzibar, I'm wary. Sure enough cold again, thank God it’s not the dead of winter. We meet for breakfast, eggs, toast and fruit. We ordered lunch before we left as it takes between 1 and 2 hours to prepare. Then 15 of us piled into the van to head to the first village.

Winding down dirt roads that are really just massive potholes, through the millions of banana trees, the streets are full of people, it’s a national holiday today, something like Labor Day.Read More...

In 2006, Women’s Global Network, Inc. (“WGN”), was launched by Linda Lattimore as a women’s business networking group in San Diego, California.  Over the next few years branches were opened in numerous cities in the United States and overseas.  From its inception, WGN attracted dynamic business women who enjoyed the educational, social and philanthropic events offered by WGN.  Through member donations to local nonprofits, WGN became involved in microfinance and educational programs for the poor.  In addition, WGN members created mentoring programs for young women and women returning to the workforce.

In 2010, WGN members suggested that a separate nonprofit be organized where their donations and additional corporate donations or grants could be pooled, targeted and then distributed in support of worthy causes in a more effective and worthwhile manner than individual smaller donations to a various nonprofits.  The philanthropic programs supporting microfinance projects and educational programs for women that originated in WGN have moved to WGN Global Fund where the focus can be on their growth and enrichment. 

WGN Global Fund (WGF) helps women both domestically and internationally who require assistance to grow their businesses.  Initiatives include assistance to micro-lending programs in developing nations and leadership, scholarship and educational programs that will ensure sustainability of all projects.  The end goal is to level the playing field and help eradicate global poverty, one woman at a time.

Global Business Partners
- WGF envisions a radical change in the way funds have historically been invested, an intimate grassroots movement to shift wealth and education from women who have it to women who don't, binding them as partners in change. Through the Global Business Partners program, women are connected with other women in emerging nations who need assistance with funding and education.  Donors that contribute ($200) to WGN Global Fund are then matched with a Global Business Partner through one of the microfinance institutions that WGN Global Fund supports in Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Mexico, Honduras or Peru.

Global Immersion Trips
-  Global Business Partners can travel on annual trips to meet Global Business partners and volunteer to lead educational workshops or participate in special needs projects of the communities. Investing in low-income women entrepreneurs is an efficient and effective method to achieve both economic and social objectives.  Women invest in the households, particularly on food, medicine and education.

Local Community Involvement - Through mentoring and educational programs, WGN Global Fund supports young women professionals entering the workplace and assists women in need who are re-entering the work force in programs such as Dress for Success and YWCA.

Collective I Intern Program - The Collective i intern program is an exciting opportunity for young women coming to the end of their journey in high school who are trying to make decisions about their future.  This educational and inspiring program reminds students that in this age of socially conscious business, the emphasis is no longer on the “I””, rather, it’s about the “collective” I and the wisdom that can be harvested from the entire team.

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