"If every woman on the planet agreed to assist just one other woman, a complete stranger, financially or educationally, there would be a radical shift in the roles and perception of women both culturally and in the workplace.

-Linda Lattimore, Founder of Women’s Global Network, TED Women 2010

Linda Lattimore is a dedicated and passionate collaborator and visionary.  In 2006, Linda founded the Women’s Global Network, (www.wgn-global.com), a business networking organization originating in California and Texas for professional women seeking to enhance their careers and support network.  WGN continues to attract a high caliber of strong business leaders, now a global community connected via the Internet and local and international events.  WGN has harnessed the power of professional women in North America who desire to mentor young women in their local neighborhoods and invest in women’s businesses in impoverished communities in Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Mexico, Honduras and Peru through its affiliate not for profit entity, the WGN Global Fund.

Most recently, WGN added its Global Affiliate program, a network of women's organizations around the world that have come together under one umbrella to empower, educate and support women on a global basis understanding that there is strength in numbers and targeted focus.  At present, the Global Affiliate directory has over 2000 members and adds new organizations daily. 

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