illuminate –      Small Group Coaching by Linda Lattimore

 Everything is illuminated in the light of the past…


Series 1:  The Tapestry of Your Life Equals -  Your Unique Value Proposition!

DNA is that one of a kind imprint each of us is born with that makes us unlike any other human being on the planet.  It’s a marker and an identifier that we had nothing to do with yet our traits and characteristics are attributed to this unseen stamp.  Your persona, however, has another type of DNA born from individual experiences and encounters with others that have left lasting effects on the way you lead your life and navigate the business world.  You may be acutely aware of their impact or they may be tucked away in your subconscious, but either way they contribute to the sum total of you and how you respond to people and situations.

In this dynamic, interactive four week series, you will define your personal brand, those talents and skills that make you unique and set you apart from others, allowing you to distill your answer into a clear and concise response to the question “Why You?”

March 26, April 2, April 9, April 16

6:30 – 9:00 pm                                                                                            

3131 Memorial Ct., Houston, TX 77007

$199 – Preregistration and prepayment required.  
             Only 10 accepted in each class, no exceptions.        


Series 2:  Presenting Yourself to the World with Intention –   “Brand You”
The world has an opinion about everyone and everything, it’s a normal part of life. Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t around.  What can you do to ensure that you create a lasting and positive impression as you interact with others and to influence them to recognize the greatness within you? Just like successful companies, by strengthening and living your "brand."
In this workshop, you define ways to live your unique personal brand, ways that are authentic, believable and genuine and that will showcase your “value proposition.” Whether you are trying to set yourself apart from your competitors or be the most sought after job candidate, it’s critical that the decision makers know exactly who you are and what you bring to the table.  You will leave with a memorable bio, elevator speech or “hook”, a review of your online presence and a look at collateral such as your business cards to make sure that they reflect your brand and that you are perceived in the light that you want others to see you.

April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14

6:30 – 9:00 pm

3131 Memorial Ct., Houston, TX  77007

$199 – Preregistration and prepayment required.  
             Only 10 accepted in each class, no exceptions.        

             (Completion of Series 1 is a pre-requisite to Series 2)

Series 1 and 2 Combo (8 sessions) with a 10% discount!  $356        

For more information, please contact Linda Lattimore at 619-847-8696 or email her at

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